70,00  TVA incl.

Grape variety: Monastrell and Syrah

Color: cherry red

Serving temperature: 14º-16º.

Alcohol: 15% Vol

Aroma: Its aromas are expressive and intense, with notes of red and black fruits, spicy and sweet smoky due to the aging in cask

Taste: In the mouth it is succulent, with a balanced freshness of great character and typicity. It is a red with personality and modernity, with great storage potential.

Description: Since ancient times, thinkers, historians, philosophers and scientists have debated to give an explanation and find where the soul resides. It has been shown that the ALMA, understood as the ability to remember important moments, to learn from experiences and especially to be excited by different situations, resides in the brain through its neuronal connections, which are represented on the label of this wine.

In each of these bottles is contained the SOUL of our cellar as well as the dreams and passions of a whole team. A wine that we have made remembering everything we have learned, to achieve something so special that it has taught us to get excited again.

Alma de Luzon is the wine that unites emotions with the senses. From the velvety touch of a part of its label, to the sight by the vivacity of its color, its smell and of course, its taste.

Vinification and maturation: We carry out a manual harvest in boxes of 15 kg letting the fruit macerate at low temperature in the cold room 24 hours a day. We make a selection of bunches and subsequent alcoholic fermentation in barrels of 500 kg, then move to new barrels of French and American oak where it makes a malolactic fermentation for 22 months. After bottling, it spent 16 months in bottle before being marketed.

Pairings: Red meat, big game, roasted goat or lamb, rice with meat, foie gras with sauce or rolled black truffle, goose, Iberian sausages, various stews, blue cheese, salted sheep and goat cheese.

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