10,50  TVA incl.


Corvina Veronese 80%, Rondinella 15%, Molinara 5%

The Valpolicella Superiore Stefano was born from the idea of ​​reviving the favorite wine of our founder Stefano Accordini. Defined as “the kiss of the Angel,” it was Stefano’s most beloved wine and is therefore dedicated to him and his 94 years. Its “Superiority” is due to the selection of the best grapes that compose it and the fact that it is aged for 6 months in Slavonian oak barrels, where it completes malolactic fermentation, thereby reducing acidity and increasing smoothness on the palate.

Aged in large barrels (30 hl) of Slavonian oak for 6 months. Bottle aged for 6 months.

Pairs well with all roasts, risottos, and semi-hard cheeses.

Serve at a temperature of 17° to 18°C, and be sure to open the bottle a few minutes before consumption.