Bodegas Luzón is one of the main producers and exporters of quality wines in the D.O. Jumilla, and one of its most historic wineries, producing wine since the end of the 19th century.

The Jumilla wine-growing area is located in the south-east of Spain, to the north of the region of Murcia. The climate is continental, influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, with hot days, rainfall that does not reach 300 litres per square metre, and cold nights. The result is a harsh climate, which causes a thick-textured soil and allows us to obtain small bunches of grapes, with a good concentration of sugar, excellent acidity and thicker skins.

To reach our origins, we must go back to 1841. Don José de Molina, commander of the royal armies stationed in the Spanish colony of Manila (Philippines), decided to return to his land in Jumilla. He named his land “Finca Luzón”, in honour of the island where he had stayed for so long.

This winery was created for his daughter Ana Josefa de Molina, and until the 1980s it remained the legacy of the land linked to the female branches of the family.

We are in one of the oldest wineries in the Jumilla region, and one which, moreover, since its origins and for a large part of its history, has been run by women.


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