DEMUERTE – Organic

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DEMUERTE ORGANIC is the name of the new wine revelation, a new wine that has arrived to shake up the international market and has already gained many followers on all continents.

In order for you to know more about it, we have written this article in which we want to explain you more and better what the arrival of this new variety of our DEMUERTE wines means.



A decade ago, in the depths of a winery in the town of Yecla, in the province of Murcia, a legend was born: none other than DEMUERTE ORGANIC wines.

Although few know it, the name of our saga is linked to the use of the verbalised expression of the impact left by the first tasting of our wines. A moment that took shape in the phrase: “Pablo, this wine is DEMUERTE”.

Those words triggered a revolution in the world of wine. From that moment on, a journey of passion was born, an itinerary guided by the desire for dedication and oenological perfection of those in charge. A tireless work that, over the years, has culminated in the creation of one of the most exceptional wines in the world: DEMUERTE ORGANIC 100% Monastrell.



The soul of this elixir resides in the lands of Yecla, where the grapes of the Monastrell variety reach their maximum expression. A fruit that, with the meticulous care of organic vineyards, makes each bottle of DEMUERTE ORGANIC a tribute to nature and the art of winemaking. 

A wine that is obtained after twelve months of resting in new French oak barrels and an additional period in the bottle, which has resulted in a wine that transcends the ordinary and rises to the sublime.

But the greatness of DEMUERTE ORGANIC is not limited to the liquid that fills the glass. It is also found on its label. A masterpiece created by the artist and creative director of the winery, Karel Eissner, which reveals itself as a visual testimony of its essence. Hence, each stroke and each nuance that composes it evokes deep emotions and awakens admiration in those who have the privilege of contemplating it.



On the palate, DEMUERTE ORGANIC is a symphony of flavours in perfect balance. Fruit, tannins, alcohol and acidity intertwine in a harmonious dance that culminates in a long, lingering finish. A different experience that is enjoyed in a unique way at every moment, as each sip reveals new layers of complexity. This aspect, moreover, is completed with each aroma that flows from its contact with the air, transporting us to the heart of Yecla, where the authentic essence of the Monastrell grape comes to life.


Soon, our wine DEMUERTE ORGANIC will be present in the best restaurants and shops around the world, carrying with it the legacy of a decade of passion and oenological perfection. We are aware thaT ORGANIC is much more than a wine, it is an experience, a testament to the transformative power of art and nature. Prepare to be carried away by the magic of DEMUERTE ORGANIC: a love story between the earth, art and the palate.