Stefano Accordini

The sons, Tiziano and Daniele, realized that the company could only take a leap forward if it took a closer and more conscious look towards the future. After reviewing some technological and qualitative aspects, the family planted new vineyards, removed the oldest barrels from the cellar, and modernized winemaking procedures to engage with foreign markets.

The new millennium was significant for Stefano Accordini’s winery. It was decided to move wine production to the highlands of Valpolicella Classica, a gamble that could lead to wines of excellent quality. The project began with the purchase of 10 hectares in Cavalo, located in the valley of Fumane at 550 meters above sea level. The experience was made possible by Tiziano’s commercial skills and Daniele’s oenological expertise, but the wives Eleonora and Raffaella also played an important role, as did the sons Giacomo, Paolo, and Marco, always ready to support the decisions and ideas of the Accordini brothers.

The decision to produce in the mountains proved successful: the wines, unique in both taste and aroma, were highly appreciated from the outset. After acquiring the land and cultivating the vines, construction of the new winery began, completed in 2011.

Today, our company boasts 25 hectares of vineyards in the highest area of Valpolicella Classica, and we can define our viticulture as “mountain viticulture.” Thanks to the particular climatic and soil conditions of this area, our wines exhibit unique and unmistakable characteristics.

The fourth generation, composed of Giacomo, Paolo, and Marco, continues the family business with great passion and dedication, focusing on health and environmental sustainability. All the vineyards of the winery are cultivated according to organic principles, and the new agritourism structure is entirely powered by energy obtained from photovoltaic plants.