LAMIABLE Graine d’Etoiles Brut nature Grand cru

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Graine d’étoiles, the Quintessence, the 5th element, the element at the origin of everything. Graine d’étoiles is a pure champagne with no added sugar, it can be called Brut Nature, Pas Dosé or Dosage Zéro, a champagne from the cellar to the glass, without artifice.

Food and wine pairing:
Graine d’étoiles will go well with grilled fish, oysters.

Straight and strict, but without aggressiveness. The expression of the terroir for the amateurs.

Terroirs of Bouzy and Tours-sur-Marne, 40% reserve wines, perpetual reserve, aging in bottles on lees for about 4 years

Production 3000 bottles.

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